System Administration:

Is your company tired of the constant care and time needed to install and support desktops, printers and servers? Then OpenBox is your solution! We have the experience to find you the most reliable, and affordable systems consisting of software, hardware, and support. Server and workstations need to be updated on a continuous basis to remain stable and function properly. This involves security, antivirus, and firewall updates which are needed to keep your infrastructure secure from hackers, spyware, and trojan programs. With security updates, service packs, and software updates, we can prevent problems before they occur. Proactive approach is a time saver and helps keep unwanted issues and costs to arise. We provide solutions to automate this process for seamless, trouble free networks.


Network Design:

Depending on your size...home or business. OpenBox will design the most efficient network to meet your needs. Because there are so many different designs, we will sit down with you and explain your options to help you better understand how your network will flow.


Firewall / Security:

Private networks that are connected to the Internet can expose critical or confidential data to the world. End users connected to the Internet must be aware of these dangers, and protect their critical data and computer systems. Firewalls protect individual computers and business networks from hostile intrusion from the Internet. A backup solution, solid virus protection and a firewall are minimum necessities to ensure protection from disaster, hacking and virus threats.


Disaster Recovery:

Disasters can result from power outages, viruses, nature, and human error. This creates business disruptions. Without the ability to quickly resume everyday operations, you may have profit loss. Planning for problems before they arise will save time and money. Prevention is an implemented business continuity plan. Business continuity management ensures the survival of a company. Initial investment in IT resources may be difficult to manage, but it is a much better choice than the alternatives. Businesses should be prepared to protect their people, information, infrastructure and assets.


Increased use of wireless devices within the enterprise, and increase in worker mobility have created a demand for wireless networks throughout all work locations.



A good backup solution is the most important part of a computer network system. Backups provide protection and help insure data will be available in the event of a disaster such as fire, flood, hardware failures, theft, tornado, etc. OpenBox offers local and Remote/Offsite backups.


Network Cabling& Design:

Whether you are moving, adding on, or just upgrading your current cabling, OpenBox can provide you fast, efficient results.

  • Office buildings.
  • Small Office Home Office (SOHO).
  • Network cable Management and Design.
  • Premise wiring and Structured networks.
  • Category 5e (cat5e), category 6 (cat6), ANSI/EIA/TIA standards.
  • Cable runs are tested.



Network Documentation is an important procedure which should be continually updated as network infrastructures change.

  • Identification of servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches, etc
  • Description of each device on the network, including make, model, serial number
  • Network topology diagrams of servers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.
  • DHCP server settings, including scopes and options
  • Network security settings
  • Network baseline information
  • Fault tolerance mechanisms in place
  • Physical location documentation
  • Policies and procedures



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